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I teach courses in American politics and political behavior. I typically offer the courses listed below at least every other academic year.

POL 121: American Politics
An analysis of American political processes, institutions, and problems

POL 182: Introduction to Research Methods
A consideration of the framework of social science analysis and the use of statistics for studying political problems. Topics range from research design and hypothesis testing to correlation and multiple regression

POL 226: Racial and Ethnic Politics
An exploration of the role of ethnic and racial identities in American political life, with special attention to debates about how best to incorporate various American minority groups into the political process

POL 334: Public Opinion
A study of the formation, change and measurement of political attitudes

POL 336: Politics and the Media
An assessment of the role mass media plays in American politics with emphasis on systematic as well as individual effects

POL 424: Women in American Politics (also GSS, Society and Politics track)
This seminar explores the role of gender in American politics, specifically how gender affects the political activities of American residents, political candidates, and elected officeholders. Students analyze differences in men's and women's political participation, party affiliations, political attitudes, and campaign strategies and styles. Students also investigate why women remain substantially underrepresented in positions of political power and consider the implications of gender inequality in political officeholding.
- Please contact Prof. Crowder-Meyer before adding POL 424 to your WebTree.

Letters of Recommendation

To ensure time to compose a strong recommendation, requests for letters should be made no later than one month in advance of the letter due date. Students should provide Prof. Crowder-Meyer with:

1) A clear statement indicating the due date and method for submitting the letter

2) An up-to-date resume

3) Drafts of student application materials (essays, letters of interest, etc.)

4) A list of courses (and semesters) completed with Prof. Crowder-Meyer as well as a list of any other completed courses that might be relevant to the program for which one is applying